Farmhouse Tray - Noodle Board - Stove Cover

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Beautiful handcrafted personalizable stove top cover to match your kitchen decor or your personality.  Made of all natural wood and made by hand to your specifications.  You can choose your monogrammed initials, your family name, a phrase or design.  It's completely up to you.  Finish can be painted or stained.  Handles can be mounted on top or you can have a wrap around edge with built in handles.

*If you have special requests email me for a quote.

Will need the measurements of your stove top, refer to the example picture for details.

Please Note-

This is NOT a cutting board

It is NOT fireproof

It can be used for either flat top, electric burners or gas stoves.

Please allow ample time for stove to cool before putting the board on the stove top.

Due to the nature of real wood there may be knots and other imperfections (but really this just adds to the character of the piece)